Special Needs Resources

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All About Me“ Book

Give families a fun way to share information about their children

Include Every Kid
in Sunday School!

This “how-to” brochure is a great introduction to using HeartShaper’s special-needs-friendly activities and resources.

Making Your Class
Special Needs Friendly

Learn how to view your classroom through a sensory lens. Discover how a Friendship Model enlists buddies to provide extra help for a child with special needs.

Modifying Lessons for Special Needs Kids

Learn 5 simple ways to modify lessons so that all children can be involved in the learning.

Tips for Parents

Discover 5 great tips for communicating with families of children who have special needs.

Special Needs Family Connections
Similar to the quarterly HeartShaper age-level newsletters, this monthly letter will keep parents informed about what’s happening in your children’s ministry for kids who have special needs. Just click and highlight the modifiable areas to add your information.

Individualized Christian Education Plan
Use this form to gather information about a child’s different abilities and needs. Parents or caregivers can complete the form digitally by clicking in the modifiable areas. Make the information available to teachers to help them plan activities and include every child in the classroom.