Holiday Helps


A Baby in a Manger

Children will enjoy using this special craft to retell the story of Jesus’ birth.

Angel Encouragement Bags

Create angel bags that can be filled with encouraging notes and good news messages.

Candy Heart Hang-up

Make plenty of these heart-shaped ornaments, and tell family and friends about Jesus and His love for them.

“God Cares” Critters

Use your imagination and create creatures that will remind you and others of God’s gifts, promises, and love!

Joy Snow Globes

Children will have fun making snow globes that remind them of the joy Jesus gives because He was born.

Story of Jesus Wreaths

Help kids review the stories of Jesus with this colorful picture wreath.

Weave-a-Heart Message Holder

Recycle greeting cards in a unique way that says “I love you!”


Chain of Thanks

Use paper strips to make decorative chains and napkin rings that everyone will be thankful for!

Count Your Blessings Garland

Create a chain of thankful hands. Count the many blessings God has given you.

Fall Tree Bags

Take a walk outdoors and use these handmade bags to collect samples of God’s creation.

Fall Tree Buckets

Branch out! Make and deliver buckets that are full of fun and encouragement.

Thank You Place Mat

Weave a place mat that enumerates your thanks. Make one for each member of the family!

Thumbprint Trees

Celebrate Grandparents’ Day. Make a gift that says: “I’m glad to be part of your family tree!”

Wreath of Thanks

Make wreaths to decorate the classroom. Or share the wreaths with residents at a local health care facility.