Holiday Helps


Kids will remember and share God’s love with others when they do these fun projects from HeartShaper. Just choose your favorite idea, gather supplies and have fun making memories!

Catch Me Doing Right Game for Early Childhood

“Catch Me Doing Right” Game for Early Childhood

Develop motor skills by playing this fun “Catch Me Doing Right” game.

Mixed Up Message Magnets for Early ChildhoodMixed-up Message Magnets for Early Childhood

Use these message magnets anytime. The magnets make a great Father’s Day gift!

Praise Jesus Jellyfish for Early Childhood

“Praise Jesus” Jellyfish for Early Childhood

Help brighten someone’s summer by sharing the electrifying message of Jesus’ powerful love!

Sandwich Bag Play Scenes for Early Childhood

Sandwich Bag Play Scenes for Early Childhood

Take a vacation with these “on the go” play scenes. Perfect for reviewing Bible stories!

Whale Surprise Box

Whale Surprise Box for Elementary

Remind someone of God’s saving power and love. This fun whale makes a great Father’s Day gift!

Encouragement Windsock for Elementary

Encouragement Windsock for Elementary

Craft a mini-windsock that’s sure to brighten someone’s summer day.

God Is My Strength Pencil Holder for Elementary

“God Is My Strength” Pencil Holder for Elementary

Make a desk accessory reminder that God is our strength. Great for a Father’s Day gift!

Hot Air Balloon Message Carriers for Elementary

Hot Air Balloon Message Carriers for Elementary

Make an unforgettable gift basket for anyone who needs to be encouraged!


Encourage the creativity of the children in your Sunday school classroom. Provide supplies and instructions for making these HeartShaper seasonal projects.

Basket Full of Flowers for Early Childhood

Transform paper plates and cupcake wrappers into spring flowers that share a message.

Bible Memory Notepads for Elementary

Keep track of favorite Scriptures, Bible stories, and prayers in personalized notepads!

Firefly Lights-in-the-Night for Early Childhood

Illuminate your classroom with glow-in-the-dark reminders of God’s constant love for the world.

Floating Flower Surprise for Elementary

Create a special Easter lily that will bloom right before your eyes!

Flowerpot Fun for Elementary

Plant a packet of seeds for a gift that keeps on giving. Great for Mother’s Day!

Palm Sunday Flower Pot for Elementary

This adorable flowerpot pet will help kids celebrate Jesus as they remember His triumphal entry into Jerusalem.

Sweet Candy Crosses for Early Childhood

Make a yummy craft and remember the sweet joy that Jesus’ death and resurrection bring to all who believe in Him.

Sweet Treat for Early Childhood

Easy to make, these treats are perfect for giving as gifts and awards.