Success Stories

“HeartShaper allows the children to become a part of the story. As we tell the story, we use props, to help the children feel like they are experiencing the bible story. A grandmother and preschool teacher told me one day that her 3 year old grand-daughter came home from church and told her how Jonah was swallowed by a whale (gulp, gulp) and then he was spit back out! She even did the sound effects, when she told her grandmother—The children get excited about the stories. I also love the Heart Tugs take-home.”

Kathy Trulock, Pre-K Pastor, Hillvue Heights Church

“I teach worship time for 2s and 3s and use HeartShaper’s preschool material. I am also a mental health counselor and use that experience to work at church with kids with special needs. I have one little boy who has severe autism, who was not verbal in the classroom until lately. He had some extra help from Head Start and recently began talking. Last week our lesson was about Elijah and the Baal worshipers. I used the activity in the book of making the marshmallow and pretzel altars. Of course, all the kids loved making this object. Since they are two- and three- year- olds, we used Lego blocks to make a pattern because the kids are all familiar with them. I used the song “Our God Is an Awesome God,” using emphasis on the word “awesome.” The kids joined in and my special three-year-old was fantastic when he used his word “awesome.” For a child who previously just looked at me (with an awesome smile!), he is now participating in some of the words and with emphasis. Our God is awesome, and I love including the special need kids in the group.”
 Shawn Pogue

“Jesus entrusted the local church with the responsibility to ‘make disciples of all nations,’ in part, through the teaching of God’s word. HeartShaper curriculum aids the local church in this mission by providing discipleship resources that are faithful to and found upon the authority of Scripture.”

Keith Marriner, Executive Editor, One Accord Resources

“HeartShaper is top-notch. The lessons are biblically grounded, activity oriented, and keep students enthralled from start to finish. The content is easy to navigate for even the novice teacher. When followed from toddler to teen years, students come away with thorough biblical knowledge. I highly recommend it to all churches seeking to give their young people a wonderful understanding of the Bible from cover to cover!”

Darren Schalk, Coordinator of Christian Education and Curriculum Development, Church of God of Prophecy International Offices

“HeartShaper’s lessons are fun and engaging while staying true to the scriptures. Each lesson provides students with Biblical truths and knowledge in a memorable way. As a Sunday School teacher, I can attest to the ease of use. The teacher guide provides all the information, supply lists, and resources needed for a successful Sunday. I love the adaptations for younger students in the Preschool and Pre-K curriculum. This helps multi-age classrooms and smaller churches. HeartShaper is always my first recommendation to my customers.”

Kelly Harding, Manager, Central Christian College Bookstore

“The new HeartShaper curriculum is more personalized for the student, showing them how they fit into God’s plan. The discipling aspect and building of Bible skills are strong. I see the lessons sparking meaningful discussions, and deeper thinking. The modern language and updated graphics are a plus, too!”

Melanie Wharton, Children’s Director, Parkview Christian Church, Wooster, OH

“These HeartShaper changes give a fresh, new look and feel to a time tested curriculum that will definitely enhance its service to the teaching staff that use it. Helps for special needs children are also a great plus. We will highly recommend this curriculum to all of the churches we serve.”

Rex & Diane Dye, Christian Homestead Bookstore, Shreve, OH

“There are several reasons why we consider Standard Publishing members of our learning family:
− The material is biblically based
− It is written on a developmentally appropriate level
− There are activities for children’s church, youth group, and children with special needs
− An interactive approach is used in teaching the lesson
− A VBS-like format is used, such as drama, art, music, and crafts
− Puppets are used for the younger children
− There are information letters that can be sent to parents so they can know what their children are learning”

Free Will Baptist Press, Original Free Will Baptist Sunday School Ministry, and the Convention of Original Free Will Baptists

“We’ve used HeartShaper for several years. It’s Biblically solid and developmentally appropriate. Our teachers appreciate the abundant activities which target each learning style and ensure more choices than needed. We continually evaluate our curriculum choices and keep returning to HeartShaper.”

Cheryll Kimbler, Group Life Director, Children’s Ministry, Southeast Christian Church, Louisville, KY