Special Needs Resources

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All About Me Book

Give families a fun way to share information about their children

Include Every Kid in Sunday School.

A “how to” brochure for using HeartShaper’s special-needs-friendly activities and resources.Special Needs Kids Sunday School Lessons

Making Your Class Special Needs Friendly

Learn how to view your classroom through a sensory lens. Discover what it means to provide a Friendship Model where buddies provide the extra help needed for a child with special needs.How to make a Sunday school class special needs friendly


Preschool/Pre-K & K


Picture Schedules

Early ChildhoodPicture schedules preschoolers - Toddlers


Create picture schedules and help kids adapt to classroom routines.

Sensory Inventory Forms

Sensory Inventory Formmultisensory inventory form

Sensory Inventory Form Key

Learn about kids’ sensitivities and help all kids participate in classroom activities more fully.

Modifying Lessons for Special Needs Kids

Modifying Lessonsmodifying lessons

Learn five simple ways to modify lessons so that all children can be involved in the learning.

Five Great Tips for Communicating with Parents

Parent Conversationsspecial needs family conversaitons

Discover five great tips for communicating with families of children who have special needs.