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Explore six HeartShaper age levels and all the available resources for an engaging Sunday school program.

Bible-Centered Sunday School Curriculum for Toddlers Through Preteens

HeartShaper classroom-based curriculum is focused on helping kids love God and His Word—and live it out. HeartShaper is the only Sunday school curriculum that promotes biblical literacy by taking kids through the Bible five times by the time they reach sixth grade. With one focus per lesson and our unique Quick Steps™, teaching is easy—and learning is fun!

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Help Kids Build a Relationship with God

If biblical literacy is important to you and your church, HeartShaper is the right choice. Kids experience God by studying His Word and applying it to their lives. From toddlers who pat the Bible to preteens who study it to find answers, kids are immersed in God’s Word in age-appropriate ways.

Help Kids Use Their Bibles

HeartShaper curriculum helps kids develop the ability to study God’s Word on their own by teaching Bible skills they’ll use the rest of their lives. Bible skills are integrated in every lesson, and each HeartShaper age level builds on the skills taught in the one before it.

  • Toddlers & 2s—begin to understand that the Bible is God’s special book
  • Preschool—point to and repeat simple Bible words
  • Pre-K & K—begin to sequence events in main Bible stories
  • Early Elementary—know how to find Bible verses
  • Middle Elementary—grasp why it’s important to read and study the Bible
  • PreTeen—see the Bible as God’s Word and accept its absolute truth

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Reach Kids With Special Needs

HeartShaper gives you the resources to train teachers, adapt the activities in your lessons, and make a difference so you can include children with special needs in your classroom. Every quarter you can download a FREE 15-page newsletter that will give you confidence to welcome children who have special needs into your church. Includes helps for families and volunteers.

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“The first word she ever spoke was the name of Jesus.”

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Each Quarter You’ll Get

  • Carefully chosen Bible stories and topics for age-appropriate levels
  • Integrated Bible skill activities to help kids develop the ability to find God’s answers
  • Bible memory activities so kids learn one Scripture verse or passage in each unit

Teacher Guides

  • Activity options and ideas for tailoring lessons to accomodate kids’ learning styles
  • Easy-to-prepare Quick Steps for easy lesson preparation
  • Available in 2 formats: print or downloadable PDFs. NEW for fall 2013—available in print and as downloadable Microsoft® Word documents, so you can make each lesson your own

Teaching Resources

  • Interactive visuals
  • CD with audio tracks and printable files for additional activities, Bible Memory, teacher helps, and more

Student Activities


Online Helps and Related Resources

  • FREE online resources—including Family Connections—to help you stay connected with families and for families to use at home
  • Supplemental and reproducible resources—including coloring books, stickers, and more—to use anytime
  • FREE quarterly newsletter for teaching children with special needs

Packed with Extras

  • For Toddlers & 2s, Preschool, and Pre-K & K: 2+ correlated hours of interactive Bible learning. Toddlers & 2s includes bonus activities for babies.
  • For Preschool and Pre-K & K, and Early Elementary: Spanish language resources with teaching pictures.
  • For Early Elementary: Fun Bible story review games and seasonal ideas.
  • For Middle Elementary and Preteens: Media options and technology tips.
  • For Preteens: The Beat—a weekly online activity option—introduces lessons with current events, trends or media.