KidzMatter Curriculum Review

No matter where your students go or what they do, the lessons you teach them in Sunday school will be with them for a lifetime. Come along on the journey—shape hearts and change lives.

Check out this KidzMatter review of HeartShaper® Sunday School Curriculum and learn more about why HeartShaper has everything you need!

  • Helps kids learn to explore God’s Word and the direction it gives them
  • Features 2+ hours of correlated curriculum for all 3 early childhood levels
  • Includes Special Needs Friendly activities that will work well with all kids—each approved by special needs experts


Know God and His Word - Kids Explore the Bible
Know God and His Word - Kids Explore the Bible
Kids worship God and develop passionate hearts for Him
Kids follow Jesus' example of loving God and others
Kids develop hearts for serving God and helping others around them
Kids learn about Jesus and build a relationship with Him
Sunday school lessons for Special Needs Kids - Sunday School Curriculum

Shape Every Special Heart
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